Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Missing in action -

Or so it seems anyway from your perspective. 

I'm still here - just finding my way through each day as best I can.

Working the overtime hours that are required leaves me little time or energy to do much other than work.

Kitchen is pretty much wrapped up and I'm currently trying to wrap up the remodel work in the entry that has been undone for nearly five years. 

I've woven some  but not what I'd like.  I've done projects, but not what I'd like.   Never seem to have time for what I'd like.

Current WANT is a proper barn for my pony girls.

We had weather this weekend.  Wind weather.

We got off VERY LUCKY  altho at the time it was terrifying.

My sweet girls were almost taken from me because of the weather - 

Yes, this has tipped over in the past - but there has always been warning and it's been almost slow motion when it does it.

This time -- not so.

I saw it happen --  in an instant, the shed was on it's side ON TOP OF two of my girls.  Here is where it landed on the first flip.  Thank God it then flipped again OFF of them!  And it didn't just flip...  It lifted off and landed a good 10 feet beyond where they lay.

Here's the lucky part.

Bug got some cuts and scrapes -

Buzz was never under the shed, but did get a good size cut-

Poor Dee Dee got the worst of it.  She has a few cuts and tears, but she was the one who took the brunt of the weight of the shed.  She got a little shocky on me - pale gums, elevated heart rate, rapid breathing, etc.  My vet came out to check everyone over and almost insisted I take her to his barn at least for the night.  She ended up staying two nights just to be out of the cold and wind and wet. 


No broken bones, no stitches, no lasting physical effects.

Dee came home tonite, and everyone is staying pretty close - I think they missed her :)

Hope things stay a little more calm for awhile -  that took alot out of me...

All for now,