Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weaving, gifted

I just remembered!

I had said I'd put up a picture of the weaving gift I'd done the other night.

Made a simple, plain weave scarf for my sister. 

I used some yarn that I picked up at a rummage sale awhile back, so not really recycled, but close!

This yarn was chosen for the color :)

I started it and finished it in one night.  

Sigh. Back to work tonite.
Short week due to the holiday so only 4 twelve hour shifts.

I've got to pump myself up a bit.  I woke up at 8:30 this morning.  It's gonna be a long day ;)
All for now, JULIE

Monday, December 26, 2011

What I Did on Christmas Day

Since I was alone and a little bit bored, I finally got myself to finish up this coat hanger.
It's from a piece of window trim and some old door knobs.  It only took me 1/2 an hour, tops.  Why has it taken me a year to get done?

Also made some of these stockings, just because.  They still don't have hanging loops~ my sewing machine decided to be difficult, and when she gets like that, it's best to just walk away :)

I'll probably send a set of 5 north to my brother and his family in Canada.  My parents tend to drive up on a whim, so it's best to have everything gathered that I want sent up.  I don't seem to think far enough in advance to plan for mailing/shipping time to get gifts there before Christmas.  Good thing they don't get too hung up on dates, I don't think I'll be able to change that at my age.

It's been good having a break from work, but my sleeping schedule is messed up.  If I'm awake before noon, I drag.  I take a short nap, and then I'm up till 4 am again.  Sigh.  It's probably best that the holidays are over and I can get on a regular schedule.  Just go to work, sleep, go to work, sleep, etc.  Makes for a dull life, but I guess it is what it is at this point.  One daughter is heading back to college tomorrow, she's got work hours scheduled.  The other daughter is still recovering from wisdom tooth surgery and I'm not sure when she'll head back~ probably before the weekend so she can party on New Years with friends...

The son is putting in hours at work over his break.  He also had his wisdom teeth removed, so has had this week off.  Pretty sure he'll be around until he can get back into his dorm the second week of January.

Weather is still great here.  Warm by South Dakota standards, no snow as the bits we've gotten pretty much melted.  It's a bit windy here, but that's ok as long as there isn't snow!

All for now~  JULIE

Friday, December 23, 2011


Somebody was on the table last night...

Darn kitty!  
Guess that is why I covered the cookies before I went to bed at 3 AM!

And, no, I'm not going overboard and burning the midnight oil to get ready for Christmas.
I've apparently adjusted to the night shift work schedule.

It's hard to be productive in the dark, 
but I make myself do something since I'm awake while the rest of the world is asleep!

Can't believe it's December 23.  Where did fall go?  I'm not feeling like it's Christmas at all.

Also last night I decided to decorate a tree.  
Thought it might help me get in the mood.

I used to do ALOT of baking, decorating, gift making, etc...

I'm going "easy" in my old age.

I decorated my 'barn' or 'stable' tree.
Just lights, some rope with bandana bows and stuffed barnyard animals.
Also goose eggs from my days at the goose farm.
Someday I'll find the perfect star to put on top.

Still need to go find a creche to put under the tree and that's about it for decorating.

I've got a pic of some weaving I did last weekend in the wee hours of the morning, but it's a gift...
Better not put it here until it's been gifted!

A late dinner here tomorrow ( aka noon meal - that's what we call it here, evening meal is supper! )
 open the few gifts that are being exchanged and probably candlelight services in the evening. 

Other than that? 

I don't go back to work til Tuesday afternoon :)

Resting includes doing things around the house, my choice, my pace.
That's 'rest' to me :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is where I went on vacation...

National anthem by Trace Adkins....

National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas!

The trip was WAY too short, but I had a good time.

Now it's back to the old grind.  
Back to South Dakota weather, which I have to admit is pretty darn good for December, but much colder than Vegas!

If you ever have thought about going to see this rodeo, do.  
Awesome show!