Saturday, March 28, 2020

Keeping busy

 I've always been one that has a hard time just relaxing....

 I always think I have to have the 'work' done before I can have fun...

 Fun, meaning anything that I don't make money doing.

 Everything I do seems to be a way to make income...

Or a way to be saving some moolah.

 Good thing I like making the rugs.

It doesn't seem much like work.

All of these, plus 4 more runners and another denim wide
 have been finished during this last week.

I think I'm about done with the wide blue warp.  
I'm still doing denim- 
If I get tired of weaving anything.... it's the denim :)

Next warp is on my mind.  I 'm looking forward to it.
It's gonna be unusual for me!

Wait and see---

All for now,

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Odd that I would consider this a milestone, but in a small way it is.  I just noticed that I have gone over 500 followers on my facebook rug page.

So I'm going to do a giveaway!

Anyone who is a current follower who 'shares' my page will be entered -

Anyone who becomes a new follower will be entered -

And the giveaway?

Choice of  4 mug rugs 
It will be choice of what I have left - some from this picture have already moved on to new homes!


a 10$ gift certificate toward the purchase of any of my inventory, big or small!

If you would like to check it out, head over to facebook and search


Thant should find me!

All for now!


Thursday, March 19, 2020


I guess it's time to be productive, since my selling opportunities (that I was paid up to participate in) have dried up.  I'm hoping I get a refund on my booth fees....

I've got two looms going right now,  the tablerunner width is on the Fairloom and the 36 inch wide blue warp is on the Union.

Here are some finishes...

Both of these are denim 3x5 rugs - one with fringe, one hemmed.
I've got multiples of these.
And just a sample of the tablerunners....

This last one, the cute easter color one, has been sold already.  A friend saw it and I was able to show it to her in person.

That's the problem with these items,  the almost need in person viewing to be REALLY  appreciated.

Fingers crossed the vendor shows start up sooner rather than later!

All for now,

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Ready to Roll

It's taken a couple days to get both looms ready to roll.

I tackled the tablerunner warp first and have been weaving runners during breaks from threading the wide blue warp.  The back demands the short threading times as there is no real good ergonomic way to thread these dang Union looms :)

Here's one of the tablerunners that is in progress.

I like that the warp threads are the focus on this runner - The solid fabric color is a base, instead of the main design feature.   It's amazing the differences in each runner on the same warp threads!

Last night I finished up threading the 36 inch wide blue warp.  I went ahead and tied on and wove a quick waste weft to get the threads spread out - so now it's ready when I am to start on a 3 x 5 or longer rug.

Here it is.  Can't wait to see what it looks like on denim.  I paired two warp ends of the same color next to each other - one up and one down of each.   I think it will create a subtle stripe of each color in the rug - but we will see!

I tried something new with this wide rug - Only one time previously have I woven the full width of this loom and I wasn't a fan.  There are 19 sections on this loom - I filled them all, but it was difficult to maneuver next to the outside edges - it was a tight fit.  I wanted 36 wide so I needed 18 sections.  This still put me up next to one edge and off center on the loom.  So... I tried this.

See the green thingies on the ends? Only half of a section was put on each outside space - now it's centered and there is room on either side to maneuver.  I used a pool noodle cut down and taped on to divide the outside sections to try to keep the warp consistant with the balance of the sections.  It didn't take up quite half of the space, so it's not perfect, so I'm not sure how the tension will be as I go.  It's an experiment!

I'll roll with whatever comes!

All for now,