Sunday, June 27, 2021

New things Part Two

 First things first....

Another new baby!

This little girl was born a week after her brother - meet Cricket :)  Or at least that's what I think her name will be/include.  We will see if her personality changes it in the coming days.  Don't think it will as this name wasn't even on the list, it just came to me in the early morning of her birth.

So amazed that we have two foals that are almost identical. 

Dragonfly is nursing, Cricket is facing us.  

The moms are full sisters born 2 years apart, and the babies have the same sire.  So 3/4 siblings?  Not sure exactly how that is explained technically...

Both have dun characteristics.  The dorsal stripe, some leg barring and shoulder bars.  Both have white face markings.  It will be interesting to see what body color will be.  They may be very light duns, or there is even a possibility they may test as grullo.  

Other relatively new is that my father is in the nursing home.  He went in to get some extra care for some immediate issues and for physical therapy.  He and my mother believe it is a short term stay.  I'm not so sure.

I do know that dad is not happy about the situation, thus making my mom not happy about the situation.

What is especially frustrating is the extreme limits that are put on for "visitors", which includes mom.  During the week, she can come in between 8 and 5 - stay as long as she wants, but if she leaves, she can't return that day.  On weekends, entry time is only 1-3.  

Those time frames make it extremely difficult for anyone that has a job to visit during the week.   During the week, dad is busy all day with therapy sessions and activities during the day, so visits aren't ideal then anyway.  Evenings there are no activities, and no visitors, unless you get there before 5- which means you have to wait until after supper to see anyone as no one but residents are allowed in the dining area.

Weekends, there are no activities and no therapies.  Weekends go slow for dad - mom can't get in until after lunch, and since they frown on more than 2 visitors at a time and require a reserved conference room for more than 2 people in dads room (which would be mom, dad) , he is limited at most to one visit unless we push the issue and ignore the guidelines in the conference room.  For example, my son was here this weekend to visit, and one of dad's brothers and his wife came to see him.  So there were 5 plus dad there.  If we followed the 'rules' he would only get to see one person at a time. 

If it turns out this is a permanent situation, I think we will need to look for another facility - this one is notoriously short staffed, and the current situation with people choosing not to work is exacerbating it.  Unfortunately, that would mean a different town as this is the only place here. That would make it very difficult for my mom....

Lots to figure out I guess. 

On the weaving/rug front.  I've survived the 2 events in this month.  Both we Saturday/Sunday shows. 

First one was record temps and windy, but sales were normal for this show.

Second one had great weather - Good crowds and about the same sales as the last time I was there 2 years ago.

I am now lighter 27 rugs, 11 table runners, and 4 mug rugs.  

I should be weaving, but can seem to find the time between work, parents, lawn care, messing with the new baby foals, and helping my daughter in the house - we are trying to get some more things gone thru and cleaned up.  This weekend my son came to help and we textured the walls, and painted in the kitchen.  The wallpaper had come off awhile ago, and just hadn't got finished up.

We've got a deadline to get some of this stuff done.  Another baby is coming in October....  First grandchild :)

All for now,


PS>   Here's a picture of Cricket - this little girl is quite bold, unlike the colt.  He's more cautious.

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Michelle said...

Beautiful foals. What color is their sire? Tough transitions for your parents; getting old is not for sissies. Congrats on the upcoming first grandchild!