Saturday, May 14, 2022

Not enough time, energy or money....

 Seems to be my life lately!  LOL

Not enough time to do what wants or needs to be done....   At least mowing season hasn't started yet, but it will this week.  We've had a terribly cold and wet spring - if you can call it that.  Horses aren't really even shedding out yet.   Today was a sunny day without crazy wind, so daughter and I messed with a couple horses.  Mostly beauty shop - aka scrape some mud off and pick out the winter cockleburrs.   The grandbaby went with dad to check fences with hopes of him taking a nap.  

Not enough energy - that's me -  I have big hopes and lists of what I want to do, but usually run out of steam before I get anywhere near to what I want to do.

Not enough money -  anyone know how to win the lottery??  LOL

Everything we want to do takes some dough.  So much around here needs fixing or updating.  We can't work enough hours to get the $ we need to do the updates which would end up saving us time.   Sigh.  Oh well, eventually! 

Today I found a few minutes to take pictures of finished rugs and runners.  

Had a little photobomber tho.

Eight months old.  Trying to walk...  He's on the move constantly. He has decided he likes human food better than baby food.  We are struggling to find the formula that works for him.  But I guess that's a common thing these days.

Here's a picture of some colored denim rugs I think are kinda neat.

More finished projects are on my facebook page.  renew.rugs.

All for now,

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