Sunday, May 29, 2022

Tying up loose ends

 This weekend has been a catch all kind of weekend.  Lots of little projects that needed finishing...

I got the last of the garden in.  The beds are overfull, but I decided to see how things would turn out even squished together.  I added 3 turned tractor tires this year.  One has strawberries and the other two went to squash and pumpkins.

My asparagus survived its first winter and we had one small meal from a cautious picking and the rest will grow out in this second year.  Next year, depending on its winter survival, we should be able to eat all the asparagus we want!

The rhubarb seems to have taken well, too.  I haven't harvested any yet, but will soon.

Next weekend is my first outdoor event of the summer.  I took the time to tag and measure and price all the finished items.  Now it will be just gathering everything up and hoping for decent weather.

Here are a few of the last of the brown and green warp rugs...

We finally seem to be over winter.  Had frost in spots last weekend, but today it's been hovering at 85 degrees.  We had about 24 hours of 'spring'.   LOL

On the looms next - both of them - will be blue.  Blue denim rugs and all kinds of other blue rugs and runners.

All for now, 

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